Why use a Greenland Paddle

Why a Greenland Paddle

The Greenland Paddle, or GP or Skinny Stick, as it is often affectionately named, has been undergoing a resurgence in popularity worldwide. No longer just the tool of bearded traditionalists in hand made skin-on-frame boats, more and more people are discovering the versatility and practicality of the Greenland Paddle for use with any kayak.

The first thing to strike most people when they first handle one of these paddles, is their natural beauty and elegance. Most people will already be falling for these beautifully crafted paddles before they even get near the water.

Once on the water, the advantages of a traditional paddle are very quickly discovered. Greenland Paddles are:

  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Elegant
  • Easy on your hands
  • Naturally buoyant and predictable when rolling
  • The subtle flex of the timber means less strain on wrists and shoulders
  • Offers low wind resistance
  • Offers effortless cruising on a long dayís paddle while still being capable of power and speed when needed

For me, the real surprise was the versatility of the paddle. Certainly, you can just use it for leisurely cruising, but the paddle has an inviting feel to it that just makes you want to play. Many people find their skills improving vastly as they naturally gravitate toward learning more advanced skills and rolling techniques. For many, there is something magical about how easy it is to learn their first roll with the skinny stick which leads them on to greatly expanding their repertoire of techniques, making them more comfortable in the water, and more skilled paddlers, and making paddling even more enjoyable.

There are many resources on the internet for the Greenland Paddle, tips to help you gain a more efficient forward stroke, sweep strokes, rolling techniques, sculling, bracing, manoeuvring and even surfing, if there is anything the GP canít do, Iíve yet to find it.

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