How to size your Greenland Paddle

What size do I need?

A quick search on the internet will provide you with a confusing array of methods for working out your size. While many people will use long winded explanations for their methods, it is good to remember that the Greenland Paddle is a very forgiving tool. There is no need to be precise down to the exact centimetre length, there are various measuring methods, and none of these are precise as each person will make these measurements differently.

Most people will find they are perfectly comfortable paddling with a range of sizes, and few people will feel a difference between paddles within about 5cm difference.


The simplest method to get a rough length for your paddle is the Ďarmspan plus a cubití method;

Most people fall in the range from 210cm - 220cm. It would be unusual to need any longer than this, and even short paddlers like me are perfectly comfortable with a 210.


For the length of the loom before it starts to tapering out to the blades, stand with your arms hanging down by your sides completely relaxed. Bend your elbows 90 degrees, knuckles facing up, maintaining the same width between your hands. (Keep you arms and shoulders relaxed, donít press your elbows into your body). Form a circle with your forefinger and thumb on each hand. This is a rough guide for your loom length.

An alternative method is to sit in your kayak holding a broomstick and discover where your hands fall naturally.

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